Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Never too old for a Slumber Party!

Once again it's time for our annual slumber party. Each year since freshman year, my roommates and I get together in the summer for a girls night with popcorn, pizza, chocolate, movies and did a mention LOTs of CHoCOLatE?! Yes, we do a fondue with cheese and Chocolate!! It all started because our dorms don't allow open flames, including a tea cup candle, out rages we do a summer sleepover to reconnect and stuff faces with chocolate! It's the simplest meal because you just dip your stick in the pot and eat as much as you want! Everyone is a happy camper with fondue and no judgement even if you put your Cheeto in the chocolate pot, guilty! What can I say I thought salty and sweet are so go together why not try cheesy and chocolatey, taste wise? not bad, except you stomach will not be so pleased with your exotic taste.

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